[texhax] Typing Chinese with plain TeX

Rodolfo Medina romeomedina at libero.it
Sat Sep 4 13:27:51 CEST 2004

>On Fri, Sep 03, 2004, Haruhiko Okumura wrote:
>> How about plain Omega?  It can typeset e.g. utf-8 encoded CJK.
>  FYI.
>  There was a HOWTO to use Omega written in Chinese(Big5 encoding)
>  by Dr. Y.J. Lee,
>  http://edt1023.sayya.org/tex/omega/index.html
>  or
>  http://MathNet.math.tku.edu.tw/~edt1023/tex/omega/index.html

>And here's mine (for Japanese, but I think the basics are the
>Haruhiko Okumura

Many thanks indeed to Edward and Haruhiko for their kindness.
But now I think I'll go on with the installation of ChiTeX.
Afterwards, in case, I'll have a look at plain Omega, which I don't know at


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