[texhax] Importing .eps files in LaTeX

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Sep 2 23:48:48 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Jeroen" == Jeroen Wijnhout <Jeroen.Wijnhout at kdemail.net> writes:

   > Use a different placement:
   > p = put all floats (figures, tables, etc.) on a special page,
   > that's what  you ordered,  that's what you get
   > h = here (this is what you want)
   > b = bottom of page
   > t = top of page

   > So you should do
   > \begin{figure}[h]

Sorry, but this is wrong.  The only correct answer came from Karl:
*Read the FAQ!*

The [h] does not force LaTeX to put it "here".  It just allows to put
it here, given that there is enough space for it.

If there is not enough space "here", then it really floats.  It cannot
be put anywhere else.  Fortunately, the LaTeX standard document
classes issue a \clearpage at the end of the section or chapter which
flushes all unprocessed floats.

If you want it exactly here, and nowhere else, then you have to use
float.sty.  If you want it placed as near to "here" as possible, you
should allow b and t as well.

The order doesn't matter, BTW., [htb] and [bth] are identical.  This
is often misunderstood.

For a detailed description see



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