[texhax] argument of \vector

Alexandru Scorpan ascorpan at math.ufl.edu
Sun Nov 28 07:11:30 CET 2004

> Friends:
> Kopka and Daly (third edition), p. 159, says that the arguments to the 
>  \vector command in the LaTeX picture environment are the same as 
> those of \line, namely \pm 0, ..., 6 (p. 158).  But while
> LaTeX processes \line(5,-2){10} just fine, it spits back 
> \vector(5,-2){10} complaining about a bad \vector argument.   Is 
> Kopka/Daly incorrect?  I am using MiKTeX.  .................Edgar

\vector admits fewer slope arguments than \line, namely only up to 4.  
That is, \vector(4,3) works, \vector(5,3) does not.

To get rid of all such restrictions, you can download the new (Summer 
2004) pict2e package from, say, CTAN.  Note that pict2e will only 
produce results via dvips or pdftex, as it dumps the workload on 
postscript or pdf. In any case, pict2e allows happy commands like 
\vector(356,234){10}, and has a few other goodies.

-- Alex

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