[texhax] including random files

Salvatore Vassallo salvatore.vassallo at unicatt.it
Tue May 25 15:14:50 CEST 2004

Hi all,
I'd like to include in a LaTeX document some random files (for exams) 
and I'm asking if there is a package doing this or if it is possible to 
write some macros.

I need something doing this:

	Blah, blah
\input{random file 1 in random directory A}  (or random file 'a' where 
'a' is in a given range)

blah blah

\input{random file 2 in random directory B} (or random file 'b' where 
'b' is in a given range)

I'm trying some very dumb method like:
a) to generate a random number using random.sty or lcg or fp (say 
"random number"=\foo)
b) to do "\input{\foo}"

but this (obviously) does not work for some protection problem.

Can someone give me some help

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