[texhax] Re: One-sided booklet masters

Stephen Moye stephenmoye at mac.com
Thu May 20 12:38:38 CEST 2004

I have used quire.tex for plain TeX -- I am a plain user ;>} -- though 
it is listed as 'generic' so may work with LaTeX if you are that way 

Otherwise, there is the psutils utilities (look on CTAN). Matthew Harris
suggested this:

   dvips -f -q -Z file.dvi | psbook -q -s16 | \
      psnup -q -pletter -W5.5in -H8.5in -2 | \
      pstops -q -pletter '2:0,1U(8.5in,11in)'

"The psbook command arranges the pages into signatures (16 pages = 4
sheets per signature), psnup puts to pages side-by-side on a sheet,
and pstops rotates every other sheet 180 degrees (since my printer
does duplex over the long edge by default).  This assumes that your
printer can do duplex.  If not, replace the quoted string by '2:0' to
get the even pages and '2:1' to get the odd pages, and feed the paper
through twice."

This should get you started.
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