[texhax] One-sided booklet masters

Rex Shudde 0024p at vm1.cc.nps.navy.mil
Wed May 19 18:08:37 CEST 2004

For many years I've been using dvidvi to produce booklets 
using the formula provided in the dvidvi readme file, namely:

        Useful for printing a little booklet, four pages to a 
        sheet, double-sided, for stapling in the middle.  
        Print the first one, put the stack back into the 
        printer upside down, and print the second.  The `in' 
        specifications are superfluous. 

This has been fine for printing single booklets even though 
the resulting sequence of pages is something only a computer 
scientist could love, with the final collation having to be 
rearranged by hand.

Now I would like to print one-sided masters for export so that 
the recipient can give the stack to someone (say Kinko's) 
without TeX fonts for final back-to-back printing and stapling 
in booklet form.

For example, for a 14 page booklet, the "dvidvi" should 
produce a single dvi file with the following sequence of 8 
single sided sheets: 
      --   1
       2  --
      14   3
       4  13
      12   5
       6  11
      10   7
       8   9

If I can generate a dvi file with this sequence, then I can 
easily convert the result to a pdf file which the (duplex?) 
printer can then print back-to-back for stapling. 

Any suggestion would be much appreciated. 

Thank you.
Rex Shudde

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