[texhax] metafont running problem

Frauke Jurgensen frauke at videotron.ca
Tue May 18 07:39:40 CEST 2004

Perhaps this is the wrong place for this question. If so, please tell me!
I'm trying to learn metafont, working through the metafontbook. The 
first running attempt should go as follows:

** \relax
* drawdot (35,70); showit;

This is supposed to give me a dot. Instead, I get the following message:

mf: Window support for X was not compiled into this binary.
mf: To do so, rerun configure --with-x, recompile, and reinstall.
mf: (Or perhaps you just failed to specify the mode.)

Since I didn't do the installation of metafont myself, I am not sure how 
it was done in the first place. Can someone tell me how/where best to do 

Frauke Jürgensen

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