[texhax] Any MusiXTeX people out there?

Frauke Jurgensen frauke at videotron.ca
Sat May 15 06:24:41 CEST 2004


If there's anyone out there that uses MusiXTeX, perhaps you can answer 
this question for me:
I'm trying to insert musical examples into a plain-TeX file. Some of 
them look fine, but others (made as "extracts" rather than "pieces") 
become much wider than the page (lacking linebreaks) or have odd bits of 
white space. Now, here's the situation:

Example A (an "extract") has no linebreaks (it seems to be about 4 times 
as wide as the page).
Example B (a "piece") looks fine.

I change example A to be a "piece" as well.

Now: example A looks fine.
Example B is all messed up.

I don't understand why changing example A should have any effect on 
example B, since each of these examples is input as a seperate file, 
with all the MusiXTeX stuff called inside a closed set of brackets. What 
might I be overlooking?


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