[texhax] harvard package and bibtex

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Fri May 14 19:04:52 CEST 2004

> I'm using Miktex in Windedt.  I'm having trouble getting my desired
> citation
> style (eg Fama and French, 1999) working.

First of all, just for general information, such a problem is very unlikely
to have anything to do with either MiKTeX of WinEdt.  What is actually moe
use is to have a listing of your preamble, i.e., the class used and all
packages loaded.

> When I don't use the harvard package in my document, bibtex works fine

Note that BibTeX works according to the bst called, which can be independent
of the packages used.

> but I
> get numbers from using \cite (eg [4] instead of Fama and French, 1999)
> and it
> doesn't recognize \citeasnoun.  But when I add on the harvard package, it
> recognizes \citeasnoun and seems to locate my bib file, but I wind up
> with a bunch of question marks (eg [?] or ? instead of Fama and French,
> 1999).  My .bib file is in the same directory as my .tex file.   What am I
> missing?  Any ideas - I don't want to go back over and do the cites by
> hand...

I'm not familiar with the harvard packages (as an aside, I would recommend
natbib as more flexible) but I do have a couple of useful tips:

1) if you chop and change packages always delete the .aux file(s) as they
may contain commands that have become undefined or incompatibe citation

2) you usually need to run LaTeX TWICE after BibTeX to get rid of the ?.

Moreover, although I'm not sure about harvard, in natbib at least the
author-year citation format is disabled automatically if citations without,
e.g., an author are found.

Cheers,   Phil Ratcliffe

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