[texhax] exam class

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Thu May 13 05:50:31 CEST 2004

Thanks for the tip on exam class.  I think it will serve my purposes in 
designing a self-report survey instrument for a research project.

In playing around with it, trying to learn it, I came across an 
interesting dilemma.  I am running tetex on Libranet Linux (a 
commercialized Debian.)  I installed "tetex-extras," so I have just 
about every latex package known to man.  In fact, I have two packages 
named exam, and one named examdesign.

One exam package is by Phillip Hirschorn and does not contain any 
special environment for multiple choice questions.  From the 
documentation, it looks like it is mainly for typesetting 
"show-your-work" math exams.

The other exam package is by Jason Alexander.  It contains environments 
specifically for multiple choice questions, true-false, short essay, 
etc.  For my survey, I think the multiple choice will be most relevant.

Both packages are "called" with the same opening line:  documentclass{exam}

So here's the rub:  my Kile calls up Hirshorn's package in response to 
that command.  Hirschorn's package doesn't seem to know what to do with 
the \begin{multiplechoice} command, and I get errors.

Any suggestions on how to specify the Alexander exam package (which I 
think is the same as the examdesign package--it also uses 
\documentclass{exam} declaration, merely adding to the confusion.)

Or alternatively, how would I remove the Hirschorn exam package from my 
Linux system?


--Chris Ryan

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