[texhax] PS2PDF misses some part of my SLIDES...

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Tue May 11 23:36:21 CEST 2004

Didn't you get this reply I sent you?

> I'm using SEMINAR package to create a Notebook presentation; overlays
> don't work in my DVI viewer (YAP), but the landscape slides are rendered
> correctly. On the contrary, when I try to convert them to PS or PDF
> overlays works fine, but only a small portion of my slide is rendered: it
> seems like the viewers are reading them in Portrait mode and the
> remaining part of the slide is lost.

A little bit of trial and error got me to this set of class options (note,
in particular, the portrait option):

  slidesonly,%  Try notes or notesonly instead.
  %notes,%      Use instead of slidesonly to typeset the notes.
  %notesonly,%  Use instead of slidesonly to typeset notes and slides.
  %semcolor,%   Try me if using PSTricks.
  semrot,%     Try me if using Rokicki's dvips.
  %semhelv,%    Try me if using a PostScript printer.
  %article,%    Try me.
  portrait,%   Try me.
  sem-a4,%     Try me if using A4 paper.
  semlayer%     This must be included, but you need the semcolor option to
  ]{seminar}                                  % actually see the overlays.

Run LaTeX then convert to ps (with something like dvi2ps -P pdf -t A4) or to
pdf (or use pdflatex.

Cordialmente,  Philip G. Ratcliffe

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