[texhax] SEMINAR slides and PDF-PS problems....

Guido Pollini pollini at mat.uniroma1.it
Sun May 9 21:12:57 CEST 2004

Hi guys, 
perhaps it's a common problem and you know the answer:

I'm using SEMINAR package to create a Notebook presentation; overlays
don't work in my DVI viewer (YAP), but the landscape slides are rendered
correctly. On the contrary, when I try to convert them to PS or PDF
overlays works fine, but only a small portion of my slide is rendered: it
seems like the viewers are reading them in Portrait mode and the
remaining part of the slide is lost.

I'm currently using WindowsXP, Miktex and TexnicCenter...
I tried to compile my Latex file with a Linux machine, but the problem
seems to remain....

Can you help me?


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