[texhax] LaTeX and Type 1 fonts in Illustrator 10 under Windows ME

Ali m Niknejad niknejad at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sat May 1 00:24:07 CEST 2004

Has anyone been able to resolve this problem.  It's quite annoying not 
being able to re-open files.  I find that if I just edit the file, I can 
import the EPS file with no problems.  But in the process of re-opening 
the file in Illustrator, the fonts get screwed up.



>I'm writing again on the subject of LaTeX labels on Adobe Illustrator 
>figures.  My first message is here:
>I regret that the problem is continuing to cause me considerable 
>frustration.  Here is a review.  The way that I used to annotate figures in 
>Illustrator was by LaTeXing a little file with the labels in, then turning 
>it into a .ps file, then opening this file in Illustrator and then dragging 
>the equations onto the figure.  The problem is that, with more recent 
>versions of LaTeX, when the .ps file is opened in Illustrator, it makes 
>substitutions for the CM fonts and ruins the equations.  I am using MiKTeX 
>and Illustrator 10 under Windows ME, but I gather that there are similar 
>problems with Mac OS X.
>I do not believe that the problem is a result of updates in Illustrator 
>because I can open old .ps files in Illustrator 10 as I used to.  It seems 
>that something has changed in recent versions of LaTeX.
>I am aware of the Warmread package and the marked objects plug-in for Adobe 
>Illustrator.  But that method is awkward.  Being able to drag to precise 
>locations, to see immediately what you are getting, and copy and resize is 
>far more convenient.  I am told that Latin Modern fonts would not be 
>substituted by Adobe, but I haven't been able to get them to work.  Also I 
>gather that something like  "Enfocus PitStop" would help - but there must 
>be an easier answer that does not involve buying and learning to use 
>professional fonts tools.
>Does anyone know what has changed in LaTeX to cause this change in 
>function?  And how can it be reversed?  I have tried installing an old 
>versions of LaTeX (TeXLive 4 and 6) and using .ps produced by that, but 
>with no success.  Should some old fonts be copied in place of the new ones?
>Any suggestions would be very gratefully received!
>Tim Riley

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