[texhax] selecting chapters from book through dviselect

Giuseppe G. N. Angilella Giuseppe.Angilella at ct.infn.it
Mon Mar 29 10:44:15 CEST 2004

Thanks, Robin.

> doesn't even consider dviselect (___old___ technology).  since you're
> using book class, i'ld go for the simplest of them all, \includeonly

I am aware of that solution, but that would imply editing the latex file 
once for each chapter, and adjusting the arguments of \includeonly 

I am rather looking for an automated procedure (e.g. through a Makefile),
that I can use each time I make a correction or an addition to my notes,
if you see what I mean.

I know it's ... not straightforward, but I'm even thinking of making latex
print out the first and last page numbers of each chapter in a separate
aux/log file, and then using these with dviselect. (It certainly works
with selecting a given page range.)

Thanks you all for your precious suggestions.


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