[texhax] selecting chapters from book through dviselect

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Mar 29 09:48:05 CEST 2004

> I am writing my class notes using book.cls. I would like to make its
> chapters available to my students as separate PDF files. Since I wasn't
> able to use dvipdfm to select individual chapters (dvips does a kind of
> the same with sections, whereas dvipdfm does not), I tried using
> dviselect, but to no avail.
> Dviselect actually looks at the \count variables used by TeX. From the log
> file produced by latex, it seems that \count80 is reserved by book.cls to
> chapter numbers (\c at chapter=\count80). However, dviselect's man-page
> states that dviselect actually makes use of the ten count variables that
> TeX uses.
> Is there any (safe) way to map \count80 onto a lesser \count, so that it
> can be exploited by dviselect?

i wouldn't bother.

> Any other general suggestion concerning my problem?

the faq answer:


doesn't even consider dviselect (___old___ technology).  since you're
using book class, i'ld go for the simplest of them all, \includeonly

the one significant problem is that out-of-chapter references are going
to dangle ... but that's going to happen whatever solution you choose:
it's implicit in your chosen procedure.  (i think your procedure is
sound, i merely want to point out this slight irritation.)

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