[texhax] natbib: citation page numbers in referencelist

Martin Wegmann mailinglist2_wegmann at web.de
Sun Mar 21 15:53:29 CET 2004

On Sunday 21 March 2004 00:32, Ellie D'Hondt wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using natbib with plainnat bibliography style. My references come
> out as follows in the reference list:
> M. A. Cibr an, M. D¹Hondt, and V. Jonckers (2003a). Aspect-oriented
> programming for connecting business rules. In Proceedings of the 6th
> International Conference on Business Information Systems. 6, 7
> So after the reference a list of the page numbers is given where this
> reference is cited. Does anybody know how to switch this off?


you can easily create your own .bst file and specifying every part of your 
citations via

latex makebst 

somewhere it prompts if you want to include pp.

regards Martin

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