[texhax] help please!

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 18 16:07:41 CET 2004

Hello Nava,

    My boss wants me to use TeX to format one of his equation-filled
    articles on general relativity by Friday (yes, really!).  

Good luck.

For a discussion of conversion programs, take a look at
http://tug.org/utilities/texconv/pctotex.html (which list includes the
word2tex program previously mentioned).  I don't think anything
automated will do a 100% job, but it would probably be a lot better than
starting from scratch.

    just filled out TUG's online application in order to get the TeX Live
    software, but I see it might take 2 weeks before anyone even
    acknowledges my application.

Actually, we should reply right away.  The only reason it might take a
few days is because of vacations.  I should probably change the text.
If you haven't heard back already, please tell me.

    So I would like to know the following:
    -          Does anyone in your group process Word documents into TeX
    format for a little side money? :-)

You might look at http://tug.org/consultants.html and try to hire
someone from there.  I don't mean to be negative, but a Friday deadline
sounds impossible, if you're starting with no TeX experience and a
document with lots of equations.

    -          If not, can I go ahead and download TeX Live? Is it easy to
    use for the non-scientist who enjoys easy software programs and doesn't
    want to be challenged in a TeXy way?

No, TeX Live is not a standard Windows application.  Although we do our
best, TeX is simply not "easy" when starting with only GUI/Windows sort
of experience.

BTW, you don't really need all of TeX Live to do the job at hand.  If
you want to try downloading something, I suggest www.fptex.org (which is
included in TL), or www.miktex.org as another respondent suggested.
However, simply installing TeX is usually challenging.  Then *using* it
to get those equations right and everything else will be another.

Good luck.

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