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Thu Mar 18 13:36:05 CET 2004

Hi Nava,

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From: Nava Cooper
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>So I would like to know the following:
>-          Does anyone in your group process Word documents into TeX
>format for a little side money? :-)
For a paper containing many equations in Word format, "a little side money" probably won't be enough.

>-          If not, can I go ahead and download TeX Live? Is it easy to
>use for the non-scientist who enjoys easy software programs and doesn't
>want to be challenged in a TeXy way?
Depends on what platform you're on. For Mac OS X, I highly recommend gwTeX (complete setup, easy installation):


For Windows, try MikTeX:


Both distributions do not include editors, though. If you want to use a WYSIWYG interface, check out LyX.


If all else fails read the instructions. - Donald Knuth

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