[texhax] figures and text aligned

mr at xosoftware.dk mr at xosoftware.dk
Wed Mar 17 20:17:03 CET 2004

> Now we're getting somewhere.  I usually make crystal ball comments at this

What does "crystal ball" significate?
> To make amends, I've played a little with floatflt (the package defining
> \floatingfigure).  First of all, I do take it that you are using
> \begin{floatingfigure} etc. and not a "naked" \floatingfigure, right?


> Second, my minimal examples all work ok (including pdflatex, which a
> google-found posting to a pdftex mailing list suggested might be a
> problem).

I worked on it some more and I have got the floatflt package working, though, it
appears to be somewhat unstable?! That is, sometimes the \includegraphics
doesn't include anything. When changing another figure to floatingfigure close
to a floatingfigure, that is, I have two floating figures close to each other,
one disappears. It will work for now, but I will probably get back to this
subject in the future.
Thank you for all your help.

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