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Steve Schwartz s.j.schwartz at qmul.ac.uk
Sun Mar 14 20:01:06 CET 2004


> I am trying to place a \figure side by side with some text. That is, I want the
> figure to take up only part of the width of the page and then have text placed
> on the rest of the width. It appears that I am not doing my search very well, as
> I don't find anything useful.
> Thank you
> Martin

If what you want is to have some FIXED text next to your figure (as
opposed to text flowing around it), put the graphic and text inside a
tabular environment. Use the array package to control the vertical
alignment within the single row to centre the text vertically next to
the figure. This will also work inside a floating environment, although
it will take a guru to tell you how to convince latex to accept the
\caption inside the tabular environment. But you can put it outside the
tabular but inside the float. 

I won't scream at you for not finding your way 'round the TeX Faq. [But
I found everything I needed by typing a few keywords into google(!)
though I have a few phrases I turn to when I'm desperate,  like "use
tabular" or "put it in an hbox" which got me most of the way. ]

Here's a short sample (use your own figure in place of png):



Let's try

% m{<width>} centres vertically in a col of width <width>
\includegraphics[width=0.3\textwidth]{png} & 
\parbox{0.5\textwidth}{Here is a
bunch of text which will get set alongside the figure.}

And it works in a figure environment as well:

 & \parbox{0.45\textwidth} {Here is a
bunch of text which will get set alongside the figure.}
\caption{What a pretty figure}


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