[texhax] LaTeX Question.

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Mon Mar 8 11:21:55 CET 2004

> It seems simple enough.  I am using LaTeX to write my software engineering
> documents for my senior project at school.  I love it, and it works great.
> However, my advisor is really anal, and he insists that the table of
> contents has the title "Table of Contents" in the center at the top of the
> page.  The table of contents file automatically generated by LaTeX puts
> just "Contents" at the top on the left.
> I have the LaTeX companion and a Math into LaTex book, and I have been
> looking everywhere on the web.  I can't find any information on how to
> alter the table of contents header.  I have also looked at the .toc and
> .aux file, but there is no place in those files that lists the header.

Put this in your preamble for the wording (I'm surprised you didn't find
this one):

\renewcommand\contentsname{Table of Contents}

For the centering you can either play with the following:


Or use the "tocloft" package (again, I'm surprised you didn't find it).

A look in http://www.tex.ac.uk/faq

    The UK TEX FAQ Your 338 Questions Answered
    version 3.10e, date 2003/11/18 Maintained by Robin Fairbairns

at Q.183 "The format of the Table of Contents, etc." would have pointed you
at the "tocloft" package.

Cheers,  Phil

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