[texhax] using latex package of small miktex

Aditya Mahajan aditya.mahajan at alumni.iitk.ac.in
Fri Mar 5 17:44:24 CET 2004

>>> On Mar 4, rashmi singh wrote
> I want to use latex package wich is a part of small miktex for writing
> mathematics. I do not know the way
> I can deal with latex but I do not know how to go about using miktex for the
> purpose

Hi Rashmi,
 You need to read some elementary documentation of latex. Have a look at
 http://www.tug.org/begin.html and read "The not so short introduction
 to Latex" and "Formatting Information" given under the heading of
 Online Documentation. This will give you some hints on how to start
 writing latex documents.


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