[texhax] Precision on: bug on vertical spacing w/ hyperref+seminar

Laurent MUGNIER Laurent.Mugnier at onera.fr
Wed Mar 3 11:58:25 CET 2004

Hello all,

Here is an additional piece of information about:

>With seminar (and slidesec.sty) the vertical spacing between a slide heading and 
>the text changes depending on whether hyperref is loaded or not.
>This bug occurs at least when the following combination is true:
>- the text begins with an itemize environment,
>- the slide heading is centered (default with \slideheading{} as defined in 
>It seems that with hyperref, there is a blank line before the first item of the 
>itemize environment that constitutes the text.
>This occurs with v6.73n that comes w/ our 2.0 teTeX distribution as well as with 
>the latest v6.74m downloaded today.

The unwanted additional empty line is triggered by the command \hyper@@anchor on line 
4055 of hyperref.sty v6.74m. This line is part of the definition of \slide at heading 
and is the key to the hypertext navigation in the slides )-;. If this line is 
commented out then the empty line vanishes.

Any help will be most welcome...
Thanks in advance,

        Laurent Mugnier.

PS: I attach a mini-minimal example.
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\input{seminar.bg2}% cf. http://www.tug.org/applications/Seminar/

\renewcommand{\printlandscape}{\special{landscape}}% useful WITHOUT hyperref

% WITH hyperref, uncomment the following 5 lines:
    \def\special at paper{\the\paperheight,\the\paperwidth}}% with hyperref

% Note : vertical spacing between slideheading and text changes depending on
% whether hyperref is loaded or not!
% Occurs with \slideheading, not with \makeslideheading (but no ToC then)

\markright{Exemple de transparent avec \LaTeXe{} et seminar}


\slideheading{Slide heading} %\makeslideheading OK
%Hello there % hyperref OK if text does NOT begin w/ itemize
\item An item:
 \item yes  
 \item maybe
 \item no
 \item yes  
 \item maybe
 \item no
\item An item
\item An item
\item An item
\item An item
\item An item.



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