[texhax] Creating Moon in Latex

William F. Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Mar 1 15:23:12 CET 2004

On Monday, March 1, 2004, at 05:37  AM, Marcus Stegner wrote:

> can you help me, or can you give me some hints to make Moon, a  
> alphabet for
> blind people,  in Latex/Tex possible?

Is there a Type 1 or TrueType font of this at this time?

I found this as Google's ``I feel lucky'' hit:


Is there a font hereabouts (link to this page said there was)?


It'd be trivial to set up an extant font in LaTeX, and one could even  
set up an ``Omega translation Process'' to have the abbreviations  
handled automatically (one could feed it a plain text w/o markup and  
have them used automatically).

Or do you need to drive some specialized impression-making tool?


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