[texhax] LaTeX tabbing oddities

Angela Thomas angelat at athabascau.ca
Wed Jun 30 00:41:43 CEST 2004

Hello, I have been referred to your group after having no luck finding 
the asnwer to my question through various LaTeX FAQs and even the 
LaTeX3 project website and FAQ archive.

I am trying to print a section of XML text so that it will appear as an 
XML code snippet in the document that I am producing.  To create the 
appropriate style for this code layout, I am trying to use the tabbing 
environment to properly distribute the code segments.

\=\hspace{0.25in} \=\hspace{0.25in} \=\hspace{0.25in} \=\hspace{0.25in} 
\> <category>\\
\> \> <pattern>WHAT IS A *</pattern>\\
\> \> \> <template><srai>DEFINE <star index ="1"/></srai>\\
\> \> \> </template>\\
\> </category>\\
\> <category>\\
\> \> <pattern>DO YOU KNOW WHAT A * IS</pattern>\\
\> \> \> <template><srai>DEFINE <star index ="1"/></srai></template>\\
\> </category>\\

For obvious reasons, the tabbing environment will not allow me to print 
things like "\>", however when I pdflatex my file, it converts all "<" 
tags into upside-down ! and all of my ">" into upside down question 
marks.  I am not able to escape these characters to make them print 
properly, as a "\>" means move up to the next tab space.

Is there a way to properly display this bit of code in a tabbing 
environment, or should I just manually format each line with spaces?

Thank you so much for your help,


Angela Thomas
Summer Research Student

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