[texhax] it doesn't work

Andy Ludu andyludu at cox.net
Tue Jun 29 22:53:57 CEST 2004

Dear Sir,

I am along time user of TEX, this is my way of life, cause I am a physicist
and I write papers.
I am not a computer expert, on the contrary, I place myself at stage of

My hard drive crashed, and I need TEX back. I purchased it from you, and I
just can't figure out how to use it. It's a pain to understand all those
tens and tens of little programs I stil have to download, and still doesn't

Finaly, I can edit in that new editor, but I don't know how to create a
dvips comand, and how to see my ps file.  It's very depressing, believe me.
I create a ".tex file and it looks okay, and I transfer it to my old
computer, which has an older version of TEX. Nomatter what I do, the
emerging ps file is the same, some instructions.

In addition, nobody who uses tex is here (summer) and I really have to
finish some files.

Please help me. If you just can provide me a simple list of TO DO with your
CD such I can re-install it again.

Please, in the name of GOD, help me and write me a simple list of operation,
and do not write it like for a computer expert!


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