[texhax] Including tiff figures in LaTeX

Leonardo Giantini Trabuco ltrabuco at cecm.usp.br
Wed Jun 30 17:10:44 CEST 2004

» Steve Schwartz wrote:
> > I am currently using dvipdf, but I'm looking forward to receiving
> > sugestions.
> If you want pdf output, my advice would be to use pdflatex instead. This
> is my preferred route, with xpdf as my preferred previewer (acroread is
> ok, but won't reload a document to the same page/magnification so it's a
> bit less convenient). Of course (!) pdflatex and latex have virtually no
> graphics formats in common (I assume you're using graphicx and
> \includegraphics...). So...
> [...]

Thank you very much, Steve! That worked just fine and helped *a lot*!
But somethings regarding pstricks did not. Is there some way to enjoy
both the resources of pdflatex *and* pstricks?

Thanks again.


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