[texhax] changing baselineskip in footnotes

Juan Mari Alberdi wapalgaj at sq.ehu.es
Tue Jun 29 11:14:27 CEST 2004

I'd also like to know how I could change the line spacing in footnotes 
with the package 'footmisc'

Thank you

Juan Alberdi

Jackie Gratrix wrote:

>I'm typesetting a document using report.cls,
>baselineskip set to 12truept.  However, the
>figure captions are set in a smaller font than
>the text and I want to decrease the baselineskip 
>within the caption.  I haven't been able to find 
>out how to do so.  I've looked at the settings for 
>the "caption" package and don't see it there.
>Can someone help me?
>Jackie Gratrix

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