[texhax] v1.1 of TeX Directory Structure document

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jun 23 19:33:07 CEST 2004

After a lengthy review process, I've now released version 1.1 of the TeX
Directory Structure (TDS) document.

HTML: http://tug.org/tds/
PDF:  http://tug.org/tds/tds.pdf
DVI:  http://tug.org/tds/tds.dvi
sources and all output: ftp://tug.org/tex/tds/

It should propagate to CTAN (in the top-level tds directory) shortly.

Here is the summary of the non-editorial changes:

 * Inputs for TeX extensions included under `tex', instead of in their
   own top-level directories.

 * New top-level directory `scripts'.

 * New subdirectories `lig', `opentype', `truetype', and `type3' under `fonts'.

 * `enc', `lig', and `map' all use `SYNTAX/PACKAGE' subdirectories.

 * `pfm' files specified to go under `type1', and `inf' files under `afm'.

There is more information and rationale for each of these changes
cross-referenced in the document.

Happy TeX structuring,
Karl (on behalf of the TDS working group)

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