[texhax] Question re. where to post a question

doug waud douglas.waud at umassmed.edu
Tue Jun 22 15:04:04 CEST 2004


Scott Miller wrote:
> Sorry if this is the wrong email address, but I am unable to find anywhere to 
> post a question on the FAQ list.  If you could direct me to the proper site I 
> would appreciate it.
> A friend of mine and I are graduate students and have both encountered a 
> strange bug whereby we can have a program that runs fine and save it, then 
> close.  Open it later, then edit to add some code, then save and close again.  
> When opening again, the new edits do not appear.  I am not sure if there is 
> any documentation re. this situation or if there is a fix for it, and if so, 
> where I might find it.  I was not able to find any information in several TeX, 
> LaTeX guides or on the FAQ.

Off hand, this does not sound like a TeX/LaTeX issue. It seems more like 
some mix-up involving whatever editor you are using. You would have to 
give more information as to exactly what you are doing (operating 
system, TeX system, editor and the like) before anyone will be able to 
help you. Once you indicate what you are using someone familiar with 
that element would be more likely be able to provide some hint(s) as to 
what might be going on.


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