[texhax] Re-using equation numbers

John Simmie john.simmie at nuigalway.ie
Tue Jun 15 12:21:04 CEST 2004

The following is a numbered equation in an early chapter of a thesis
\mathrm{\dot{H} + O_2  \rightarrow  \dot{O}H + O }

We want to re-use the equation number in a restatement of the
equation  many pages on from the first statement because the reader
may well have forgotten what it referred to ...

Is there a better or more elegant solution than this?

\mathrm{\dot{H} + O_2 \rightarrow \dot{O}H + O 
}  \rule{25pt}{0pt}  \eqref{key}

in LaTeX + Amsmath

                Dr. John M. Simmie
Chemistry Department & Environmental Change Institute
    National University of Ireland, Galway::Ireland
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