[texhax] a list in a framebox?

Jeroen Wijnhout Jeroen.Wijnhout at kdemail.net
Mon Jun 7 17:00:27 CEST 2004

On Monday 07 June 2004 16:30, Christopher W. Ryan wrote:
> A the top of a survey, using examdesign package, I want to put the
> following lines, inside a box with a border:
> Office Use Only
> ID number:
> MCAT score
> Undergraduate GPA:
> I've been reading about \framebox and other box-related commands, but I
> can't seem to get them to work.  All my text ends up on a single line.
> the itemize environment isn't working for me within the \framebox
> Thanks.

\fbox puts TeX into Left-Right mode afaik, you can use a paragraph box:
or a tabular environment like this:

Office Use Only & {}\\
ID number: & 123\\
MCAT score: & 321\\
Undergraduate GPA: & ???

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