[texhax] Appropriate way to add multiline (explanatory) text to an equation?

Chris Rowley C.A.Rowley at open.ac.uk
Mon Jun 7 14:47:30 CEST 2004


> > why not use a \parbox, or isn't that permitted in math?
> Hmm, that does work in math. Okay, it's good except that it wants a 
> size up-front... guess I'll need to calculate that.

At present (as far as I know) most extras related to display math need
thought about sizing and positioning.  It would be interesting to see
some precise specs for things that should not be like that.

The more general idea is, I think, of a \parbox/minipage (or an LR
box?) where
  `the internal text width is set to some precalculated
   value based on the position of the `box' '.

And this is perhaps getting towards `the limits of TeX'; so there's a
challenging problem for someone's summer vacation!


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