[texhax] Bug with french and or babel

Dominic Boudreau DOBOU89 at phy.ulaval.ca
Fri Jun 4 22:02:53 CEST 2004

I have problems compiling a very simple code when I include the french command
 whereas it works when I use
The problem is: winshell stops working (I have to kill the program) when trying to execute frenchb.ldf after having executed babel.sty.
My winshell version is 2.2.1
My LaTeX version is MIKTeX 2.4
My babel version is v3.8a
Nothing is written in the file .log and in the file .aux there is only 
Here is the code of my program





\section*{Rapport d'avancement\\3 mai 2004 -- \today}


hgkhgkjhghD HGAS KJHG KJhgsa khg déàù¸tï Ç



Thanks for the help

Dominic Boudreau

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