[texhax] Summary and thanks re Importing R graphics

Peter Flom flom at ndri.org
Fri Jun 4 15:27:23 CEST 2004

I wrote
> However, it would be nice if the DVI viewer worked properly,

Doug replied
I believe it does. It views dvi files. That was what it was designed to

well, I was under the impression it should allow one to read graphics, 
On pae 29 of the LaTeX Graphics Companion, it lists a bunch of drivers,
and, for (e.g.) dvips says that it allows 'all functions' for graphics

Dogu wrote
Again, the dvi format was designed to deal just with text (more 
generally boxes into which letters could fit). Thus it is really "lean

and mean" which probably reflects to some extent it's origin in an age

when one had to use slow computers etc.

I also don't see why any coauthor would want a pdf file as a starting 
point. Would the .tex source not be the right one to exchange? You
also send the separte eps files but one of the team could assume 
reponsibility for placement during the formative phase.

I guess I was confused as to what dvi was supposed to do.  

As to why an coauthor would want a pdf file (instead of .tex).....some
of my coauthors do NOT use LaTeX.  And, since two of them are my bosses,
they get what they want.  (Word files, ideally for them, .rtf is OK). 
Another potential coauthor (if a grant I submitted gets funded) works on
Unix; I believe he would prefer .tex files to anything, but he can't
read .doc files.

*I* started getting into LaTeX because, 1) A lot of people who I
respect said it was WAY better than Word and 2)  In the same grant, some
of the formulas were not printing correctly when written in Word with

So far, I agree that LaTeX is better than Word (although I am very new
to LaTeX, having installed it 10 days ago).  I haven't tried typesetting
really complex equations yet, but I hope they print right.

Thanks again


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