[texhax] Help with importing R file

Peter Flom flom at ndri.org
Thu Jun 3 19:46:49 CEST 2004

Hi, I asked this on Texhax, but got no response,  any help would be

Using LiveTex and WinEdt on a Windows machine.

I am trying to import a dot-chart from R (a statitics package).  I
create the graph in R and save it as a .ps file, thus

 dotchart(freqrelig[order(freqrelig)],          #PLOT IN ORDER OF FREQ
 label = levels(religfact)[order(freqrelig)],   #ASSIGN LEVELS
 main = 'Religions among young adults in Bushwick',
 xlab = 'Frequency')
savePlot("c:\\ndri\\stat core\\graphics\\dotrelig", type = "ps")

then I include it with

\caption{Dot chart of religions in DUHRAY}

When I run it through LaTeX, I get no errors, and when I view it in PDF
(after using PDFLaTeX) it looks fine.  But in dvi preview, the chart is
overlaid with a bunch of letters and numbers, making it unreadable.

Other graphs in the same document appear fine.

I looked in the Guide to LaTeX, and the LaTeX graphics companion, but
did not see anything like this

Any help appreciated


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