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Samuel Paolucci paolucci at nd.edu
Thu Jun 3 15:20:08 CEST 2004


I would like to thank Peter Zimmerman and Pavel Minev Penev for providing

I am surprised that a solution such as that given by Pavel is not included
in the accents package by default. I believe that such package should
include the \dgrave (double grave) and \dacute (double acute) accents just
as it includes \ddot. Perhaps even better would be if \accentset would allow
multiple grave or acute accent characters to be included. Perhaps this can
be done, but I haven't been able to figure it out.


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On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 07:42:39AM -0500, Samuel Paolucci wrote:
> Yes, I have tried the accents package. 
> Perhaps I should have been more clear, but I want the double accents, say
> the grave accent twice, side by side like a \ddot on top of a greek symbol
> in math mode.

OK.  Try this:
[-- Begin Quotation: --------------------------------------------------]



% Code stolen from accents.sty and modified:

% Code for real accents which prints the accent, but not the accented
% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
% character:
% ~~~~~~~~~~
\def\cc at accentPhantom#1#2{%
		\cc at code=#1\relax
		\let\math at bgroup\@empty
		\def\math at egroup##1{\cc at setchar##1}%
		\cc at palette\cc@@accentPhantom{#2}%
		\cc at nuc

	\let\cc at style=#1%
	\cc at fetch{#2}%
	\mathaccent\cc at code{%
		\ifcc at more#2\else
			\cc at phant{#2}%
			\gdef\cc at nuc{}%
		\kern\cc at skew%
	\kern-\cc at skew
	\kern\cc at wd%

% Double grave accent (as \ddot):
% 				%	``
% 	$\dgrave a$		% Gives a
	% We place the box to be accented, then on top of it we place
	% two accented phantoms of this box.  The phantoms are slightly
	% displaced (4mu).
	% Character "7012 is the grave accent:
	\rlap{$\mkern-2.0mu\protect\cc at accentPhantom{"7012}{#1}$}%
	\rlap{$\mkern2.0mu\protect\cc at accentPhantom{"7012}{#1}$}%


	$\dgrave f$
	$\dgrave \alpha \dgrave a \dgrave h$
[-- End Quotation. ----------------------------------------------------]

It takes into account an accented character's skew, and inherits some
functionality from <accents.sty>.  (Like package options "single" and


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