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Pavel Minev Penev pavpen at berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 3 07:55:44 CEST 2004

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 07:42:39AM -0500, Samuel Paolucci wrote:
> Yes, I have tried the accents package. 
> Perhaps I should have been more clear, but I want the double accents, say
> the grave accent twice, side by side like a \ddot on top of a greek symbol
> in math mode.

OK.  Try this:
[-- Begin Quotation: --------------------------------------------------]



% Code stolen from accents.sty and modified:

% Code for real accents which prints the accent, but not the accented
% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
% character:
% ~~~~~~~~~~
\def\cc at accentPhantom#1#2{%
		\cc at code=#1\relax
		\let\math at bgroup\@empty
		\def\math at egroup##1{\cc at setchar##1}%
		\cc at palette\cc@@accentPhantom{#2}%
		\cc at nuc

	\let\cc at style=#1%
	\cc at fetch{#2}%
	\mathaccent\cc at code{%
		\ifcc at more#2\else
			\cc at phant{#2}%
			\gdef\cc at nuc{}%
		\kern\cc at skew%
	\kern-\cc at skew
	\kern\cc at wd%

% Double grave accent (as \ddot):
% 				%	``
% 	$\dgrave a$		% Gives a
	% We place the box to be accented, then on top of it we place
	% two accented phantoms of this box.  The phantoms are slightly
	% displaced (4mu).
	% Character "7012 is the grave accent:
	\rlap{$\mkern-2.0mu\protect\cc at accentPhantom{"7012}{#1}$}%
	\rlap{$\mkern2.0mu\protect\cc at accentPhantom{"7012}{#1}$}%


	$\dgrave f$
	$\dgrave \alpha \dgrave a \dgrave h$
[-- End Quotation. ----------------------------------------------------]

It takes into account an accented character's skew, and inherits some
functionality from <accents.sty>.  (Like package options "single" and


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