[texhax] Need help with BibTex author

Mike Kordosky kordosky at mail.hep.utexas.edu
Tue Jul 27 02:50:57 CEST 2004


I have an entry in my thesis that refers to a photograph taken from a 
website.  My first thought was to BibTex it like this:

author="{Foobar Media Services}",
howpublished = "\url{http://www.foobar.gov}"

The cite appears as:

[34] .  Foobar Media Services, http://www.foobar.gov
   This period is the problem.  BibTeX apparently wants a first name.  
Can anyone suggest what I might do to rid myself of this period?  I have
some additional citations with the same problem.  These are documents
written by an amorphous group of people and have no identifiable single
author.  They do however have a title, date, etc.  Here is an example

author="{The Idiot Collaboration}",
title="{S}ome {B}aloney",

This would be printed like:

[1] . The Idiot Collaboration,{ ..... }

Again, the little dot.

I know that the behaviour is somewhat dependent on the bst file I use, but 
I'm stuck with it.  Possibly I can modify it but I'd rather not if there 
is some way to fool bibtex.

Best Regards,

Mike Kordosky

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