[texhax] \if... \else... \fi command

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sun Jul 25 14:20:39 CEST 2004

> I'm a plain TeX user. I wrote:

in that case, you should have read the relevant documentation.  latex
is for people who don't want to understand the inner workings of tex,
not plain tex.

> \newtoks\filename
> \filename={file6}
> Then I want to write an `if... \else...\fi' command 
> which says `yes' if \filename={file6} and `no' in any other case.
> I tried with
> \if\filename file6 Yes \else No \fi
> but it goes on saying `no', whereas I expect it should say `yes'. 
> What should the right syntax be? Can anyone help?

because it's comparing the token \filename (which is unexpandable)
with the token f, a doomed exercise.

\ifx\tempa\tempb yes\else no\fi

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