[texhax] Installing teTeX

CORBETT, RICHARD (JSC-CC) (LM) richard.corbett1 at jsc.nasa.gov
Wed Jul 21 02:19:06 CEST 2004

Installation question:

I've downloaded the following from your website:


I've issued the following commands from the INSTALL file:

# mkdir -p /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf
# gzip -dc tetex-texmf.tar.gz | (umask 0; cd /usr/local/teTex/share/texmf;
tar xvf - )

That works fine.

The next command is not clear:

# cd /usr/local/scr
# gzip -dc tetex-scr.tar.gz | tar xvf -

The 'scr' directory does not exist in our /usr/local directory. Do I create

Should the gzip command be issued to the /usr/local/scr directory?

When I run:

# sh -c ' ./configure -prefix=/usr/local/teTeX >configure.log 2>&1; &

Will this give the results needed?

The following command run from what directory?

# sh -c 'make world >world.log 2>&1' &

After running the 'configure' and 'make' commands listed above, are the
binary files located in the /usr/local/teTeX/bin directory?

Where should the following command be run executed?

# ls | wc -l  # should be 145.

We are currently running Solaris 2.6. Is version 2.0.2 compatible?

In the near future we will be installing this same version on Solaris 2.9.
Is it also compatible?

Please help,
Rick Corbett

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