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Herbert Gintis hgintis at comcast.net
Thu Jul 22 22:53:04 CEST 2004

         You have to redefine "chaptermark", which now says to print 
nothing! I don't know what you did, but in the report.cls file, chaptermark 
is chock full of neat stuff.
         You should find report.cls (usually where latex.ltx is), and fix 
it up.

Herb Gintis

At 01:26 PM 7/22/2004 -0700, wei qin wrote:

>    While I was typesetting my thesis, some mysterious changes occured to 
> the headings. It was "Chapter 1: introduction", and now it becomes simply 
> "Introduction". I couldn't figure out the difference. The style file that 
> I used defines the headings with the following code.
>\if at twoside
>     \def\ps at plain{%
>         \def\@evenhead{}\def\@oddhead{}%
>         \def\@evenfoot{%
>             \null\hfil\rmfamily\thepage\quad{\slshape\leftmark}\hfil\null}%
>         \def\@oddfoot{%
>             \null\hfil{\slshape\rightmark}\quad\rmfamily\thepage\hfil\null}%
>         \def\chaptermark##1{}%
>         \def\sectionmark##1{}%
>     }
>     \def\ps at headings{%
>         \def\@evenfoot{}\def\@oddfoot{}%
>         \def\@evenhead{%
>             \rmfamily\thepage\quad{\slshape\leftmark}\hfil\null}%
>         \def\@oddhead{%
>             \null\hfil{\slshape\rightmark}\quad\rmfamily\thepage}%
>         \def\chaptermark##1{\markboth {##1}{}}%
>         \def\sectionmark##1{\markright %
>             {\ifnum \c at secnumdepth >\z@ \thesection\ \fi ##1}}%
>     }
>     \def\ps at plain{%
>         \def\@evenhead{}\def\@oddhead{}\def\@evenfoot{}%
>         \def\@oddfoot{%
>             \null\hfil{\slshape\rightmark}\quad\rmfamily\thepage\hfil\null}%
>         \def\chaptermark##1{}%
>         \def\sectionmark##1{}%
>     }
>     \def\ps at headings{%
>         \def\@evenfoot{}\def\@oddfoot{}\def\@evenhead{}%
>         \def\@oddhead{%
>             \null\hfil{\slshape\rightmark}\quad\rmfamily\thepage}%
>         \def\chaptermark##1{\markright {##1}{}}%
>     }
>   The change happens to both twoside and oneside cases. Please point out 
> to me what may cause the change and how to go back to the old heading 
> style. Thanks in advance.
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