[texhax] TeXDesign

Juan Mari Alberdi wapalgaj at sq.ehu.es
Wed Jul 21 11:48:11 CEST 2004


I've started trying TeXDesign and it seems to be very helpful. I've 
found the following though,

1) TeXDesign creates a file '.txp' such as

\unitlength 1.00mm

but when I try to open it with TeXDesign in order to edit it, I get the 
following messagge

'1.00' is not a valid floating point value

and TeXDesign doesn't allow the file be opened.

2) When drawing an ellipse TeXDesign takes too few points on the sharp 
ends (or so it seems).

However TeXDesign allows quick and easy integration of simple geometric 
figures and text in LaTeX (WindowsXP platform).

Thank you Prof. Gintis.

Juan Alberdi

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