[texhax] Re: How to add math text to existing ps figure file

Pavel Minev Penev pavpen at berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 21 04:55:50 CEST 2004

В деня вторник, 20. от юли, 2004 в 13:14:22 GMT -0400, Kelle Cruz мислил:
> Hi,
> I was intrigued by the two recent posts on how to annonate postscript 
> figures using various LaTeX packages.  I usually use Adobe Illustrator to 
> perfect my postscript figures that were originally created by other 
> programs (e.g., Fortran, IDL).
> Does anyone have any opinions regarding the pros and cons of using these 
> two methods for creating documents destined for academic journals?
> Based on my limited experience, I would imagine that publishers would 
> prefer that figures be self-contained into one EPS file.  If that is 
> indeed the case, then I would suggest to Bill that he try to get his hands 
> on a copy of Adobe Illustrator.

You can also have a look at section 41 ``Exporting EPS files'' of the
PSTricks users' guide for education on a possible way to generate <.eps>
files through TeX/LaTeX.


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