[texhax] Re: How to add math text to existing ps figure file

Herbert Gintis hgintis at comcast.net
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         Illustrator is fine for text, but it doesn't do math very well at 
all. Also, its fonts will generally be different from CM, Mathtime, Lucida, 
or whatever your TeX uses.
         My experience is that publishers want camera-ready figures, not 
eps files. I have had one (MIT Press) that wanted some tiff files, but they 
were fine with pdf plus camera-ready.
         You can make an .eps file from a pdf file, or part of a pdf file, 
though I've never been really happy with the result or the time it took 
(running it through GhostView, for instance).
         BTW, for a LaTeX design system, check my TeXDesign, which can be 
grabbed from my web site. I use it almost exclusively, and have written 
whole books with it.


At 01:14 PM 7/20/2004 -0400, Kelle Cruz wrote:

>I was intrigued by the two recent posts on how to annonate postscript 
>figures using various LaTeX packages.  I usually use Adobe Illustrator to 
>perfect my postscript figures that were originally created by other 
>programs (e.g., Fortran, IDL).
>Does anyone have any opinions regarding the pros and cons of using these 
>two methods for creating documents destined for academic journals?
>Based on my limited experience, I would imagine that publishers would 
>prefer that figures be self-contained into one EPS file.  If that is 
>indeed the case, then I would suggest to Bill that he try to get his hands 
>on a copy of Adobe Illustrator.
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