[texhax] [SOLVED] Indenting the footnote rule - how to?

Michal Dobaczewski mdobaczewski at cc.com.pl
Thu Jul 15 13:21:55 CEST 2004

Mohamed HOUSSNI wrote:

> \renewcommand\footnoterule{%
> \kern-3p@
> \hspace*{10mm}\hrule\@width.4\columnwidth
> \kern2.6\p@}
> Note the dimension 10mm is just an example and you can put what ever you 
> want.


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately this doesn't work for me - there 
is no visible effect. In fact, I've tried this before. The hspace seems 
to affect the paragraph text only i.e if I put:

   \hspace*{2in} aaa \hrule \@width .1\columnwidth
   \kern .6\p@}

then it indents the "aaa" text, but still doesn't indent the rule.

On the other hand I have already received a working solution (as far as 
I can tell it was sent to the private address only so I cannot forward 
it to the group myself).

Thanks all who took time to try to help.

Michal Dobaczewski.

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