[texhax] Indenting the footnote rule - how to?

Michal Dobaczewski mdobaczewski at cc.com.pl
Wed Jul 14 17:28:29 CEST 2004


I need to construct a one-page document in LaTeX (using tetex) where the 
lower left corner of the paper must not contain any text (this is due to 
the emblem being printed there on the company paper). I would like to 
indent the footnotes on the page to clear this emblem. The main text 
needs to stay as it is (normal).

I am using letter class. So far I have managed to hack the section of 
the letter.cls file (by trial and error :( ) to indent the text of the 
footnote. I changed the original code of:

     \hangindent 5\p@
     \hb at xt@5\p@{\hss\@makefnmark}#1}


     \hangindent 100\p@
     \hb at xt@100\p@{\hss\@makefnmark}#1}

(changed the 5 to 100).

But I cannot seem to find a way to indent the line above the footnotes 
(\footnoterule) as well.... :(

I would appreciate any advice on how to do this. Also, maybe there is a 
much easier or elegant way to solve the original problem?

Thanks a lot,

Michal Dobaczewski.

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