Subject=[texhax] Using a variable to scale psfrags&

Heywood J heywoodj123 at
Tue Jul 13 22:15:01 CEST 2004

hi everyone,

thanks for all the suggestions. pav's suggestion is
indeed correct: the "fp" package does the trick
nicely. for example:

    \psfrag{tag1}[][][\myscale]{Label 1}
    \FPmul\myscale2{\myscale{} * 1.5}
    \psfrag{tag2}[][][\myscale2]{Label 2}

and so on. this way, once the desired sizes of the
labels (relative to one another) are determined, it is
only necessary to change the definition of \myscale to
adjust their sizes relative to the boxes in the figure
itself. of course, changing the first argument to
\resizebox scales the entire figure -- boxes, psfrags,
etc. -- gracefully as before.

(sorry if this seems trivial, or is considered bad TeX
form, but i have several hundred figures and many have
a dozen or more lines of psfrags in them.)

anyway, thanks for your help!


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