[texhax] bmp to eps

Steve Schwartz s.j.schwartz at qmul.ac.uk
Mon Jul 12 17:59:39 CEST 2004

>  I'd hesitate to use jpeg2ps if you 
> are starting with a bitmap, since bitmaps are lossless and jpegs are 
> lossy. 

I'm inclined to agree (though jpeg2ps takes advantage of the fact that
postscript understands jpeg to just put a ps wrapper around the jpeg
image, resulting in a much smaller eps file).

 You can use the GIMP or whatever to convert your bmp to a png, 
> which is also lossless, and then use bmeps to convert the png directly 
> to eps.

GIMP will save directly as a postscript (with an option to make it a
true eps).

Personally, I'd leave it as a bmp (which latex understands) or convert
to a png (which pdflatex understands), but I guess some
people/publishers insist on eps.

In addition to all the other suggestions:

convert (or mogrify for a batch conversion) from the ImageMagick suite
works very well, and will go straight from a bmp to an eps.

imagetops also works, but generates somewhat larger files (I guess
because it converts to pnm first and then uses pnmtops)

Both these are quite standard on most Unix (certainly most Linux)
systems, and freely available.


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