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Michael Barr barr at barrs.org
Sat Jul 10 16:09:42 CEST 2004

Around 1989 or 90, TUG's annual meeting was held at McGill.  A woman who 
was involved with the publication of TV-Guide (the material that 
surrounded the listings, not the listings themselves) gave a talk on the 
use of TeX (probably not LaTeX, but I don't recall) for that publication.  
I don't remember if it was published, but if it was, that could be a place 
to start.  As she pointed out, TeX is not format driven and there were 
many problems.  I think they basically used a preprocessor to generate 
\parshape specifications that were then used to lay out the material.  One 
of the problems was that sometimes text had to flow around a photo.  I 
came away with the impression that TeX was not a good tool for this sort 
of publication.  Although I would not hesitate to use it for a simple 
newsletter that didn't use fancy formatting.

Michael Barr

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Is anyone aware of a package, template or example where LaTeX is used for 
magazine layout? I suppose one could use the book document class; but, 
this would
entail quite a bit of customization to achieve the desired results.

Thanks in advance.


Gary Hoffman

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